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For years I would move from one new ‘home page’ to the next, never making a change after the initial thrill of creation. This eventually gave way to various ‘blogging’ platforms, web frameworks and finally a very simple static site consisting of a single page of contact information.

Frankly the static page of contact information should have been left alone. It had the distinction of surviving the longest untouched while still remaining ‘useful’ for the duration. However, that would have been far too simple.

So, here I am with a sick frankenstein of a thing… A static site, but with your standard blog layout. This clever monstrosity is accomplished by a collection of tools covered in great detail elsewhere, so I will only list them here.

Now I’m noticing that I don’t really like how that bulleted list looks… It’s a bit too far over to the left on my browser/screen. Yes! I’ll get to muck around with CSS again for the first time in ages. Can’t say I’ve missed that. Maybe I’ll find that things have improved drastically since the last time and I won’t continue to feel this sick longing for the days of TABLE and FONT tags.

There are a few specific things I’ve been into lately that I wanted to post about which is why I’ve jumped down this rabbit hole again. I’ll make new post(s) covering that. (yea, right.)